History of John Roan School Lodge

The John Roan School Lodge can trace its origin to the Schools Sports day in 1927, when on the playing field Mr W.J. Potter the Vice-Master of the School Introduced W.Bro W.W. Latter, then a M.M. of St Mark’s College Lodge No. 2157, to W.Bro. Harald Berry, PM of the Pattison Lodge No 913, a keen officer of the Old Roan Association in which there was at that time a very strong feeling that a lodge connected with and named after the Founder of the School should be formed.

A petition was duly presented, the two necessary Grand Lodge Signatories being W.Bro. G.B. Flukes P.A.G.D.C. and W.Bro. Spratling one of the Governors of the School: the Borough of Greenwich Lodge No.2332. sponsored the petition.

After some delay due to a failure of the postal system, approval was received and the John Roan School Lodge was duly consecrated on 29th April 1929. It was early resolved to become a Hall Stone Lodge and in its fourth year when its obligation had been completed, W.Bro. Latter, representing the Lodge, had the honour of receiving in Grand Lodge the Jewel and Collar.

In spite of suffering from poor health W.Bro. Latter, who was P.G.St.B in 1957, was instrumental in founding the John Roan School Chapter. Another worthy Brother, W.Bro. W.J.R. Buller, who became P.G.St.B in 1962, served as Secretary of the Lodge for twenty-two years.

The Lodge has, of recent years, enjoyed a close association with the Old Wilsonians Lodge No 6602 many of whose members are also active in the John Roan School Chapter.

In April 1979 the Lodge celebrated its Golden Jubilee with a special meeting at Freemasons' Hall and the dedication of the Bible Fall, which hangs in front of the W.M's pedestal. The next milestone was in April 1980 when the Lodge, with some reluctance, moved out of Freemasons' Hall into the Province of West Kent, meeting at Bromley. The Lodge venue was soon changed to the Dartford Masonic Centre in 1982. In 1985 the Lodge moved to The Welling Masonic Centre.

This brief history would be incomplete without reference to the 'vintage' year of 1983. On the 15th February the Provincial Grand Master attended, with his Officers, and dedicated the Lodge Banner which is hung on the left of the W. M. at every meeting. The banner resulted from the enthusiasm and persistence of the W. M., assisted by other brethren and was embroidered by Mrs. Iris Baxter, wife of the Lodge Treasurer. Even this occasion was overshadowed on the 3rd September when the Lodge organised the Federation of School Lodges. This was held a Goldsmiths' College and attended by over 400 brethren from member lodges.

In 1934 the Lodge sponsored the formation of the Addey and Stanhope Lodge No 5501, and in 1986 the Meridian Lodge of West Kent No 9202 which was consecrated on 13th January 1987. A number of our members played a prominent part in the founding of this Lodge and W.Bro. T.D. Wallis P.Prov.J.G.W., L.G.R., was installed as its first Master.

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