The John Roan School Chapter, No. 5085

a short history

The John Roan School Lodge, No. 5085, was consecrated on 29th April, 1929, but it was not until after the Second World War, on 14th June, 1947, that Ex. Comp. W.W. Latter and Ex. Comp. W.J.R. Bullers invited any Old Roans in the Royal Arch to become founders of a John Roan School Chapter to be associated with the Lodge. A petition was submitted to the Supreme Grand Chapter of England and the John Roan School Chapter, No. 5085, was consecrated at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, on Monday, 15th November, 1948, by

Ex. Comp. Sydney A. White, M.V.O., Grand Scribe E.

assisted by

  • Ex. Comp. V.H.C. Amberg, Asst.G.Soj. as H.
  • Ex. Comp. Rev. Canon W.T. Money, M.A., P.G.S.N. as J.
  • Ex. Comp. R.A. Ayres, M.B.E., P.A.G.D.C. as N.
  • Ex. Comp. Frank W.R. Douglas, Dep.G.D.C. as D.C.

Music to accompany the ceremony was under the direction of Ex. Comp. Dr. Sydney Scott, Mus. Doc., F.R.C.O., P.G.Org.

Following the consecration of the Chapter in Ancient Form, the Consecrating Principal installed

  • Ex. Comp. W.J.R.Bullers, P.Z. as Z.
  • Ex. Comp. A.A. Robinson, P.P.G.Soj. (Surrey) as H.
  • Ex. Comp. A.F. Robinson, J.P., P.Z. as J.

The M.E.Z. then invested the following Founders as first officers of the Chapter

  • Ex. Comp. W.W. Latter, P.Z. Scribe E.
  • Comp. C.J. Hunt Scribe N.
  • Comp. W.L. Dodson Treasurer
  • Comp. W.R.J. Martin P.S.
  • Comp. G.T. Scudamore 1st Asst. Soj.
  • Comp. T.D. Wallis 2nd Asst. Soj.
  • Comp. F.W. Holleyman Steward

An oration was delivered by Ex. Comp. Rev. Canon W.T. Money, M.A., P.G.S.N., who as some of you may know was an Old Roan and later a Governor of the School.

Regular convocations of the Chapter took place on the fourth Tuesday in May and June, and the fourth Monday in September (Installation) at Freemasons Hall until 1980 when, together with the Lodge, we were welcomed into the Province of West Kent at Oakley House where we have met ever since. The summer months were chosen so as not to clash with meetings of the Lodge, and a Ladies Festival was always held on Midsummers Day at a venue in the country.

The Chapter gained many members from the Lodge and also Old Roan brethren who had joined other lodges. In the early days the son of Ex. Comp. A.A. Robinson, our Primus H., attended as a guest but when his father passed to the Grand Chapter above was invited to join himself. He had been a pupil of Wilsonís Grammar School, Camberwell, and was a member of the Old Wilsonians Lodge. Thus the connections already enjoyed by both schools through education and sport took another step closer.

The Old Wilsonians Lodge, No. 6602, was consecrated in 1948, and by the late 1950s its members were thinking of forming a Chapter, but Comp. L.J. Robinson pointed out the difficulties of only one lodge providing candidates and suggested that they joined this Chapter. This was readily accepted and welcomed by all concerned, and for the last 60 years brethren from both Lodges have enjoyed being exalted into this Chapter and the companionship, bound with good measure of schoolboy rivalry, which we still enjoy.

We now also welcome brethren for exaltation from our daughter lodge - the Meridian Lodge of West Kent, No. 9202 - of which many of our members were themselves founders or later joined, and one of my fellow principals has recently occupied the chair of that lodge.

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